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Over the years, Cabin Crafters has developed a close relationship with many of your favorite artists whose designs you love to paint. The new Renee Mullins’ shop at Cabin Crafters is the newest step that we are taking to provide you the best assortment of surfaces while supporting the artist in the design process.

To that end we will no longer be offering Renee’s pattern packets on our website but we are now offering you a full line of surfaces at the best retail that we can provide. 

To aid you in buying Renee’s pattern packets we are providing a link to her website. When you click on the appropriate button by each pattern image, a new window will open connecting you to that pattern on the Plum Purdy website. (Note: You must have pop-ups allowed for this to work properly.) In that browser window you will be able to shop and purchase the pattern packet you have chosen. As an example, if you click on Renee’s banner above you will have a new browser window open to her home page. The thing to remember is that you will then be shopping on Renee’s website and items will be added to a shopping cart on her website. You must then complete the checkout process on both websites to complete your orders.

The original window with the Cabin Crafters website will still remain open for you to continue shopping at our website as well. We will now be offering the WOOD SURFACES to Renee’s designs at a discounted price while maintaining our wholesale prices to all qualified wholesale and distributor buyers.

We are also aware that many of you are paint-to-sell artists and may have a website that you use to sell your finished pieces. If you are a current customer and wish to have a link to your website added here, please contact us with a link to your site. We will list those sites to allow others to ‘jump’ over to your site for those items.